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Welcome to Dog Groomers Shropshire, where we offer top-rated professional grooming services for your beloved furry friends. Our experienced dog groomers in Shropshire are dedicated to keeping your dogs looking their best. Trust us to provide the care and attention your dog deserves.

Our Services

Full Grooming Package

Our full grooming package includes a comprehensive range of services to ensure your dog looks and feels their best. We start with a thorough bathing and drying process, followed by a haircut and styling that suits your dog’s breed and preferences. Our Shropshire Dog Groomers also take care of nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning and plucking, and teeth brushing to maintain your dog’s overall hygiene.

Shropshire dog grooming owner with her groomed dog after using Shropshire Dog Groomers. An enjoyable experience of dog groomers Shropshire based.

Bath and Brush Package

If your dog doesn’t require a full grooming session, our bath and brush package is a perfect choice. We provide a refreshing bath, followed by brushing and detangling to keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny. Nail trimming and ear cleaning are also included in this package.

Additional Dog Groomers Shropshire Services

In addition to our standard grooming packages, we offer a range of additional services to cater to specific needs. These include nail painting for a touch of style, flea and tick treatment for prevention, de-shedding treatment to reduce shedding, and anal gland expression for comfort and hygiene. Engage us and see for yourself how service matches up against other Shropshire Dog Groomers.

Dog Groomers Shropshire – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your grooming services?

The cost of our grooming services varies depending on the size and breed of your dog, as well as the specific services requested. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

How often should I bring my dog for grooming?

The frequency of grooming sessions depends on your dog’s breed, coat type, and lifestyle. Generally, dogs with longer hair or those prone to matting may require grooming every 4-6 weeks, while shorter-haired breeds may need grooming every 8-12 weeks. Our Dog Groomers Shropshire can provide personalized recommendations based on your dog’s needs.

Do you offer grooming services for all dog breeds?

Yes, we cater to dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our experienced groomers are skilled in handling various coat types and styles, ensuring your dog receives the appropriate grooming care.

Can I stay with my dog during the grooming session?

While we understand your concern for your dog’s well-being, we recommend leaving your dog in our capable hands during the grooming session. This allows our groomers to focus on providing the best care and attention to your dog without any distractions.

How long does a grooming session usually take?

The duration of a grooming session depends on various factors, including the size and breed of your dog, the specific services requested, and your dog’s behavior. On average, a grooming session can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Our groomers prioritize your dog’s comfort and safety, ensuring a stress-free experience.

What products do you use for grooming?

We use high-quality grooming products that are safe and suitable for dogs. Our products are carefully selected to ensure they promote healthy skin and coat, while also addressing specific grooming needs. If your dog has any allergies or sensitivities, please inform our groomers beforehand.

Are your groomers certified and experienced?

Yes, our groomers are certified professionals with extensive experience in dog grooming. They undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest grooming techniques and trends. Rest assured, your dog will be in capable hands.

Contact Us for Dog Grooming in Shropshire

To book an appointment or inquire about our Shropshire Dog Groomers services, please feel free to contact us. We are located in Shropshire and are ready to provide the best grooming experience for your dog.

Phone: 123-456-7890

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