Grooming a Long Haired Chihuahua

Lets establish a baseline before we can talk further about grooming a long haired Chihuahua. We are talking about relative degrees of difficulty and just because we have written this article, don’t assume that grooming a long haired Chihuahua is an onerous task. It is actually not difficult, but that is not so day there […] Read more »

Panda or Dog?


We saw this picture of a dog named Barkley, and we were taken by his panda like face. Wait for a moment and with 10 seconds the solution will pop-up! Please share this to your social network account, using the sharing buttons to the left, or below. We hope this pic amused you! We thought we would have […] Read more »

Show Dog Grooming

An Irish terrier show dog looking beautifully groomed.

All dog grooming, not least Show Dog Grooming, is about a dog having healthy skin, hair, nails and teeth, and these are what define a well-groomed dog. Dog grooming is the practice of caring for the appearance of a canine for personal or showing purposes, whether applied to show dogs or not. Everyone accepts that […] Read more »

Three Reasons Why Regular Dog Grooming Is Important

A not so great example of dog grooming! (See comment box below!)

What about you? Ever think you may want to get your dog groomed someday? What do you think brought these people to decide to do this? The decisions to do this come for a variety of reasons. Many factors come together to push people in that direction. Some come up with a half-hearted attempt, then […] Read more »

How you can Adopt the Right Process to Grooming Your Dog In Five Clear steps

Most critical projects usually take several steps to complete. Things with any intricacy require many steps over a period of time. It is just inherent within the nature of things that significant tasks are not accomplished overnight. To ensure success it is important to prepare well, set clear objectives, work hard and persevere. Whatever your […] Read more »

5 Reasons You’ll Want To Take Your Dog to a Shrewsbury Dog Groomer Regularly

Brushing a sandy beach-dog. Acknowledgements to JeffrW

A lot of people have made a decision to take your dog to a Shrewsbury dog groomer regularly. Ever think about possibly giving it a go yourself? Plenty of people have dreamed about it; few got beyond just thinking. Not very many take concrete action to get additional information in order to get started. Most […] Read more »